The last two years have tested our resilience and imagination. I fear that we are not out of the woods yet, particularly as we enter the winter in the northern hemisphere. However, optimism is on the rise!

In the UK – where we have our headquarters – it seems that we are finding a way to live with this pandemic. Our life is becoming almost normal.

Around London, we see offices are reopening and those who can are rejoining the activities that give them joy. For us that also means doing what we love best, creating memorable learning experiences for our clients. I must confess we have missed seeing them. We have missed meeting new colleagues and connecting with those that have always supported us face to face. In real life.

Since that horrid March 2020, we have successfully pivoted to provide our lovely clients with an online or a hybrid learning experience, and we have loved every minute of it! The challenge of bringing our fun neuroscience-based approach to the virtual meeting room has been exhilarating and full of learnings in itself. We have learned the optimal time for sessions to keep them engaged; tested with different collaborative platforms; mastered the mute and unmute buttons.

But now, it’s time. We need to see you.

We have all been looking at each other through a screen for too long and our brains are hungry for joyous chemicals.

Stephen and I put our heads together and concluded that since our business thrives because we bring new energy into clients’ work through play, why not hold a session for them and other friends?  Why not invite our courageous innovators to celebrate Christmas with us? We can’t travel just yet, but at least we can bring our London folk together. 

So this is the chance. November 24.

We will have a short gaming session (it wouldn’t be our party without it!) and then we will all get a chance to chink REAL glasses, look each other in the eye and smile.

We are bringing back the joy and we cannot wait.