Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders

Play outside your comfort zone in a safe space

Our unique business simulation program is designed to help communications, marketing and human resources professionals advance from technical experts to trusted strategic advisers within their organisations.

Played online or in person, this immersive experience bridges the ambiguity between theory and practice, enabling teams to debate key organisational issues through different perspectives in a safe gameplay environment.

Using role-play, participants navigate a series of increasingly complex scenarios to make strategic decisions for the benefit of a large, fictional multi-national organisation. Players explore the strategic thinking skills and actions needed to move beyond functional roles to deliver impact.

Welcome to Globocorp

Standard gameplay for functional roles

Practice what it takes to become a business leader in your organisation.


Play the role of Carmen Spinoza, Marketing and Communications Director for Globocorp. Stretch your strategic decision-making skills at an enterprise level.

Human Resources

Play the role of Hugh Mann, Human Resources Director in this simulation designed to challenge teams to demonstrate their impact.

Public Relations
Agency Director

Explore the consultative approach and the client service issues for gaining trust as a strategic adviser from an agency perspective in this lively simulation.

Custom Creative

Our flexible methodology is designed to achieve unique learning outcomes. Let’s talk about your business to see if our standard gameplay solution or a tailored approach would be right for you.