Game-based simulations


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Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders®
is our flagship business simulation.

It is a flexible methodology designed to deliver on unique learning outcomes. Let’s talk about your real-life business issues and see if our standard gameplay solution or a tailored approach would be right for you.

Why sink or swim when you can play?

Game-based learning is revolutionising corporate training.
Highly engaging, real-life scenarios put the power of practice to work for you.

Discover how fun the freedom to play can be, and engage your employees with learning that sticks.

Who we work with

From major multinationals to local agencies, our clients span private, public and third sector organisations large and small. Our flagship business simulation is licensed to the UK Government, to Gavi -the vaccine alliance-, to a major pharmaceutical company, and is part of the Master’s degree programmes of the University of Arts London.

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Where we play

We’re global. Headquartered in the UK, with an international network of associates delivering programmes online and in-person for clients around the world, in several languages.

We are regularly featured at conferences and private events for professional associations, such as the Market Research Society, IABC, CIPR and PRCA in the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, and Australia.

What now?

If you’re looking for a innovative way to implement learning through play, we’re ready to co-create a transformational learning experience with you. Our flexible approach means we can deliver in weeks what standard platform-based solutions can take months to develop.

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