Grow your ability to deliver strategic impact as a business leader

Planting seeds through self-knowledge

Reflecting on our preferred ways of working is key to delivering optimal results. Sow the seeds for career success with these comprehensive diagnostics.

Can be used standalone or integrated with a Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders simulation program.

Three self-assessment tools to empower your personal performance.


Advisory styles
What type of adviser are you? Complete an online questionnaire to explore your own behaviour, where you draw your energy, and how you can improve collaboration with others.


Influencing styles
Your RECIPE for success starts with understanding how to match the right influencing style to the desired outcome. Explore your personal preferences and gain insights for when you should seek collaborators with complementary skills.


Always in style
Confidence plus competency equal credibility. This diagnostic tool will help you target the areas you need to improve to demonstrate your business acumen and deliver results.

Ask us about options for in-person experiences at your premises or
delivered online to connect dispersed teams.