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Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders

Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders

How does it work?

In this business simulation you will play with your colleagues – online or in person – in the world of Globocorp, a world-class multinational.

During the game, you will play as one of the members of the Executive Team of Globocorp.

You and the other members of the Executive Team make up the cast of this business simulation that helps you explore high level business issues.

Your challenge is to help your character advance and develop their career, having intensive team discussions, and making decisions that impact individual and corporate opportunity, risk and reputation.

Sometimes random events happen that throw you off your stride, and you have to react accordingly. Welcome to reality!

This workshop works best for in-house teams who want to raise their game and challenge their thinking. We can customise to your learning objectives, skill levels, and team role or function.

We offer different types of events to meet your needs.

Type of sessionWhat you get
Mini1-3 hours
Great for team building sessions.
Standard4-8 hours
Includes additional practical tools. Great for policy roll outs.
ImmersiveFully customised experience.
Play the game, plus bespoke tools, coaching and individual feedback reports.
Types of sessions

It was such a clever, innovative and engaging …  as participants it made us think about what is right and what is easy and challenged us to think about organizational politics and manoeuvring, which is something you don’t ordinarily get from a session at a conference of this kind. Congrats to the team for a great concept!

Neil Griffiths, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ERM